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Health Screen 2019 (private and work)
Dear Patients,

We now offer health screening at the surgery to asses your general health: 

Our Health Screen takes approximately 60 min and includes:

-Full Consultation to discuss any symptoms or worries
-Discussion of lifestyle and occupation
-Past Medical History
-Review of any current medication
-Spirometry - lung function testing
-Answer questions reviewing the different systems of the body
-Discussion of family history and possible inherited risks
-Full examination - general appearance, skin, movement, speech
-Eyes, ears and mouth
-Face, hands and neck including thyroid and lymph nodes
-Height, weight and BMI
-Chest examination
-Abdomen examination
-Blood pressure and hear rate
-Blood test for anaemia, blood count, biochemistry, liver, thyroid and kidney function, infection markers, diabetes,  cholesterol, gout.
-Urinalysis and stool test for cancer
-Breast examination
-PSA Test for older men (Prostate)
-Where clinically indicated examination of moles, hearing or eyesight test or neurological examination
-Full medical report 
-Referral for further tests or Specialists if required 
The cost for an Advanced Health Screen is £ 250.00

We also provide work health assessments and industry-specific medicals. For further details please contact the surgery.

Created Date: 15/11/2013 Updated: 07/04/2019
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